Nowadays, thanks to Google and the Social Networks, anyone from anywhere can learn, understand and even prepare dishes from foreign places. In many cities there is always a supermarket with an aisle called “World-food” with many types of cuisines. Anyone can have a taste of what they have researched online, watched on TV or heard through someone in their own country. So, trying new flavors, dishes or beverages, in a way, has become trendy, not to mention the food images people are uploading every second on these different Social Networks.

spanish cooking classes
The world is connected in many ways, and one of the most delicious and tasteful ways is to travel to these places, where you can find traditional dishes or ingredients. These explorers are called Foodie-Travelers, Food-Travelers, just to name a few.
How can one know what a Foodie-Traveler is? Well, they are particular travelers. One can easily see that they are tourists who dare to go beyond the boundaries, they are fearless in the experimentation of new dishes which are full of different colors, aromas, textures. Will to try such dishes as frog legs, pork feet, all type of sausages, vegetables and fruits such as yucca, ñame, black corn, mangosteen, chalta, the list goes on and on. They are risk takers of dishes that cannot be tasted in their home country and feel very satisfied because they have tried something completely new to their senses.
A Foodie-Traveler is someone that is always eager to go to the places where locals eat and do their food shopping, preferring fresh markets over conventional supermarkets. They want to dive into the culture so in order to do so, they eat as locals do because this is the best way to feel and understand the visited country.
Foodie-Travelers can distinguish famous restaurants from traditional cuisine, knows that the famous ones are not always the best ones nor do they serve authentic dishes from the country they are visiting. A Foodie knows this well because before going on a food trip, research has been done, always looking for food tips, reviews through proper websites, must-go restaurants, and where to take cooking classes for traditional dishes. They want to bring back home a recipe book, an apron, cooking tips, local knowledge, the smells, and lots of memories.
Foodie-Travelers are welcome to come and experience our Spanish cooking classes. You will not be disappointed.